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2 days until the Daveen lacquer launch!

I am SO excited to announce there are only two days until the release! A couple things to know about the launch... All shades will be limited quantity, some as low as 17 bottles available (such as Andromeda, Instant karma and Prism) If anything sells out and has a demand to return I will more then likely be able to make more within a few weeks. Since this is my first release there is always the possibility for surprise errors but nothing is unfixable, please be patient with me if a problem occurs during the release such as checkout issues or shipping overages, I promise any mistakes will be corrected and that I do my best to make sure nothing goes array in the first place. I am so thankful and over joyed at this experience and look forward to growing and learning with you all. Daveen lacquer is always open to suggestion. The countdown begins! :)

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